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Joseph Burgo, PhD is a top national psychology blogger and author. A regular media commentator, Joe has appeared on Canadian national television and made numerous radio appearances. His articles about hatred in politics and aggressive narcissism have appeared in The Atlantic and he pens a blog about shame for Psychology Today. Joe’s personal website, After Psychotherapy, receives more than 50K site visits per month.

Joe has also been quoted as an expert in numerous national publications, both in print and online. Examples:

Glamour magazine talks with Joe about distinguishing normal grief after the end of a relationship from deeper types of depression.

Joe discusses the real reasons most people break their New Year’s resolutions with USA Today.

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Topics Joe is prepared to discuss:

Narcissistic personality disorder and everyday narcissism

Shame and pride

The psychology of political dysfunction

Psychological defenses and the role they play in our lives


New Book

“Thought-provoking.A valuable resource for readers.”
– Publisher’s Weekly

“Dr. Burgo has a talent for taking difficult concepts usually expressed in the scientific vocabulary of his profession and putting them into everyday language.”
– Ann O. Glasser, PhD
Clinical Psychologist, Seattle, Washington

“The candor and wisdom found in this well-crafted, jargon-free book will be an immensely useful tool…”
– Callae Walcott-Rounds, PhD.
Psychoanalyst, Pasadena, California